Monday, June 05, 2006

WiFi Only Works with 386 Kernel

First problem: the wireless network card only appears to work when Ubuntu is booted using the 386 kernel. When booting with the 686 kernel (needed for SMP support of the Core Duo) WiFi support is not available.

Update: all that's need to get WiFi working with the 686 kernel is installation of the "restricted" modules.


Anonymous said...

Its funny you got this to work, because I seemingly can't. I have everything else up, but even with installing the package you speak of, the "Connection Properties" network GUI (upper right) does not show my wireless card. I have tried mostly everyone's advice, and I still can't get the wirless card to work. I can't even find where Ubuntu keeps its module browser so I can try manually telling it to use the proper driver. Any ideas?

ChrisP said...

Assuming you have a Dell Inspiron 9400, have you actually switched the WiFi card on (Fn+F2)?

This will switch the card on/off. The WiFi indicator above the keyboard will flicker when it's enabled.