Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dapper Drake to Hardy Heron upgrade

I took the plunge and decided to upgrade from Dapper Drake to Hardy Heron. I was motivated by the fact that Hardy is a Long-Term Support (LTS) release and finding that fewer third-party software packages were being released in a format compatibly with Dapper.

I kicked off the upgrade with a simple:

sudo update-manager -d

and then clicking the "upgrade" button listed in the update manager. The upgrade notes suggest you can do this via gksu but I found I had to use sudo from a terminal command-line.

I ran the upgrade overnight so am not sure how long it actually took as there were user prompts waiting to be answered the next morning.

After upgrading I had only one major problem:
  • the Nvidia video driver wasn't working, which I fixed after a lot of hassle,
and a few minor problems:
  1. No sound from the Firefox Flash plugin if another audio application was running
  2. No NFS client
  3. Thunderbird Lightning extension not working (fix)
  4. Rhythmbox intermittently crashing (workaround)
  5. Java Swing applications, e.g. IntelliJ IDEA, now working with Compiz (workaround)
which were easily fixed.


Daengbo said...

The Flash plugin locks ALSA and interferes with Pulse Audio (the replacement for ESD). The work-around is to install libflashsupport, but some people were reporting crashes with that, so the two scenarios aren't exactly win-win.

ChrisP said...

Thanks - that's precisely the fix I applied ;-)